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Individual Potential

We are all potential artists. The arts allow us the opportunity to release and channel creative energies latent within us. No matter how uncoordinated, messy or ridiculous we may appear to others, exploration of the world through the arts can reveal beauty, joy, fun, learning, and true education.


The arts feed and inspire imagination. Consider the mind to be like the root and the imagination like a branch that bears the fruit of our action and achievement in the world. Artists are needed as much as any other profession and imagination and innovation is valued in any field.


The arts can be transformative and powerful, often having a profound and memorable impact. Through the arts, we have the ability to share a common unique language of expression and increase our sensibilities toward the world and others.


An education that includes respect, honesty and tolerance provides a strong foundation. Becoming “good” or virtuous is considered as important, if not more important, than becoming "smart" or competent.

Global Awareness

The world is one of increasing interdependence among peoples and nations, therefore, education with a global perspective and understanding of issues is important. Education that views diversity as an asset as well as love and respect for humanity is invaluable.


Finding ways to serve our families, our communities, and humanity as a whole adds value. Through service, an individual can contribute to the betterment of the world and gain additional confidence, motivation and self-knowledge that a classroom setting alone cannot provide.

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